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Friday, January 13, 2006

Journey to the Unknown

Journey to the Unknown
It is tradition, I think, to start each new venture with a suitably solemn and profound quote. Were I to abide with this tradition (something I rarely do as a rule since traditions are meant to evolve with one's sensibilities), I can choose no better quote to christen my first foray into blogging than this: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
I've been writing most of my life, from the cradle some might say. (My former nannies certainly did not consider my freestyle application of bodily fluids on various surfaces as "writing" but I beg to differ.) Writing, is, after all, an expression of one's innermost thoughts and dreams, the blessed release of one's essence, the conduit by which the external world is perceived and conveyed. Since Bridget Jones wiggled and whinged her be-girdled self across our collective consciousness, self-indulgent oversharing and dramatic disclosures have never been more hip. Far be it from me to miss the ultimate diva's revenge: frantic displays of erratic chick behaviour passing off as e-literature.
Thus far my random musings have found their way into various sympathetic e-trashcans so at present I am under NO illusion about the world's interest in my views, neuroses or shopaholic attacks. Roman Empress notwithstanding.
Ah, but I bless the brainchild behind this technology! Now, at last, the world is your captive audience and your shrink, your readers are your therapy group and catharsis is the order of the day! Strike one for the feminist movement. The world is finally our megaphone and YOU, the writer, are in control.
My journey appears depressingly longer than the usual thousand miles, since I have yet to figure out how to change the photo after 3 hours of clicking every icon on this darn page. Bugger. Note to self: Call Caesar Augustus to get tips on navigating this blogging stuff.
Signing off, Calpurnia circa 1978 A.D.


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