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Formerly an Empress and the crowning glory of the Roman Empire, long-suffering glamorous wife of Caesar Augustus (a marriage of INconvenience, if you ask me!) Some people call me a drama-queen but then I'm often misunderstood. Deep down I'm really just a medium-maintenance princess. Some people think I have a puppy personality just because I have eyes shaped like an upside down smile. That would be one of the few times public opinion was accurate. Find out for yourself. Read on.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Heart Speaks...

An adorable penpal of mine recently reminded me that February is the month of LURVE. I have to say that was just one more reminder in addition to the thousands of commercial banners, ads, subliminal marketing strategies, heartshaped cookies dancing in store windows, love song requests on the radio & the abundance of weird pick-up lines from married old men. Who could possibly forget? I'd say February's more like the month for commercial excess by love-struck schoolboys & their prepubescent paramours. NOT to say I don't adore roses and creamy white calla lilies *hint to readers ahem*...but for a true romantic like meself, every month of the year is the month of love. And while romantic candlelit dinners, bunches of lilies & a gorgeous atmosphere's all very lovely to have, I happen to think mature romance doesn't require an overdraft to create. Smart, savvy girls know that when one man's heart is stripped bare & laid upon your feet, & comes attached with all sorts of designer labels called "Commitment", "Devotion", "Passion", "Honesty", "Discipline", "Selflessness" & "Endurance", it is a far grander gift than many tiny hearts made out of the finest Belgian chocolate, or roses that will bloom today & wilt in the heat of adversity. Now diamonds however....Just kidding. :) Not to seem completely impervious to the hype surrounding V-Day; I must confess to going rosy when someone presents a pretty posy at any time. Then again, there is something about February 14 that makes you feel a tiny bit like a loser when you DON'T get a special delivery. That used to bug me a little when I was a teen. Until I found a way to beat the single blues. It was about a decade ago & years before I thought I was ready to start dating. I thought back to all the people who love me most; my parents & a few others whose lives impacted mine in some way. Then, I thought about the meaning of love, my own expectations & aspirations. That's when I decided to take out a pen & a scented sheet to create a Valentine for the ultimate Lover. I'm not sure what I'll do with that letter now. I keep it in a special folder because it reminds me not to lose perspective in a world full of superficiality, fastfood-type love, supersized romantic imagery but very little substance. See, I've been saved, rescued, renewed, set apart, set free, set to zero, set on fire, beautified, purified, sanctified, commissioned with a divine purpose...Forgiven. Now that's love. So be ready on February 14 guys; I'll be debuting the ol' love letter I wrote a decade ago, in honour of the global celebration of mushy young love! SIGNING OFF, CALPURNIA, Beloved